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VOLUNTEER FROM HOME: DIY Ball Flinger Toys for Rescue Dogs

Giving back from home can be fun and easy, especially when providing enrichment toys for dogs waiting for their forever homes.  Keeping dogs active both physically and mentally is important, and that’s where you come in!  This do-it-yourself craft to benefit animals couldn’t be simpler, and it’s simplicity is what makes it a perfect volunteer project for the whole family. ENJOY!



  • Tennis balls
  • Socks (long socks work best)


Step 1:   Place the ball inside the sock into the toe area.

Step 2:  Tie knots in the sock just above the ball and again along the length of the sock.

Step 3:  Now FLING it!



These wonderful toys can be donated to your local animal shelters and dog rescue organizations.  

Perhaps you don’t have a local shelter or rescue organization?  Please feel free to ship them to our favorite non-profit, Small Acts Big Change. The kind kid volunteers at Small Acts Big Change will happily deliver your Ball Flinger toys to animals in need.  In return? They’ll send you a heartfelt thank you note and a receipt for your taxes. <3

Here’s the address: Small Acts Big Change, PO Box 1374, La Canada, CA 91012

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Have a great day and thanks for making the world a better place! 


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