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  • Volunteer From Home: DIY Crochet Craft Handmade Bookmarks for Charity

    In the midst of battling cancer, simple acts of kindness can bring immense comfort and support to those undergoing chemotherapy. One such gesture is the creation of homemade bookmarks, designed to bring a touch of warmth and encouragement to patients during their treatment. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of crocheting bookmarks, a small yet meaningful contribution to our Chemo Patient Care Kits or another cause.

    The Knit & Crochet for a Cause Initiatives

    Make a Difference From Home is proud to introduce the “Knit for a Cause” and “Crochet for a Cause” DIY projects. These volunteer-from-home opportunities invite crafters of all skill levels to pick up their needles and create cozy hats for individuals facing hardships, whether they’re experiencing homelessness, undergoing medical treatments, recovering from cancer, or living in underserved communities.


    Materials Needed

    • Crochet hook (Size G/6-4.25mm recommended)
    • Yarn (Soft and lightweight yarn recommended)
    • Scissors
    • Yarn needle

    How to Instructions

    Step 1: Choose Your Yarn and Crochet Hook

    Select a soft and lightweight yarn in colors that evoke feelings of comfort and hope. Pastel shades or soothing tones are often preferred. Pair your yarn with a suitable crochet hook size, ensuring that it’s comfortable to work with and creates a fabric that isn’t too stiff.

    Step 2: Begin with a Slip Knot

    To start your crochet project, create a slip knot at the end of your yarn. This will serve as the first stitch on your hook. Leave a tail of yarn long enough to weave in later.

    Step 3: Crochet a Foundation Chain

    Next, crochet a foundation chain of stitches. The length of your chain will determine the width of your bookmark. Aim for a chain of approximately 12-15 stitches, depending on your preferred size.

    Step 4: Single Crochet Across the Row

    Once you’ve completed your foundation chain, begin single crocheting across the row. Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook, yarn over, and pull up a loop. Yarn over again and pull through both loops on the hook. Continue single crocheting in each chain across the row.

    Step 5: Continue Single Crochet Rows

    Turn your work at the end of each row and single crochet back across. Repeat this process until your bookmark reaches the desired length. Aim for a length of approximately 6-8 inches, but feel free to adjust according to your preference.

    Step 6: Add Embellishments (Optional)

    Once you’ve reached your desired length, you can add embellishments to personalize your bookmark. Consider crocheting a small heart, flower, or other motif to attach to one end. Alternatively, you can sew on beads, buttons, or charms for added decoration.

    Step 7: Finish Off and Weave in Ends

    To complete your bookmark, fasten off your yarn by cutting it, leaving a tail of a few inches. Use a yarn needle to weave in the ends of your yarn, securing them neatly into the stitches to prevent unraveling.

    Step 8: Make Multiple Bookmarks

    Repeat the above steps to create additional bookmarks. Crafting a collection allows for greater variety and enables you to contribute multiple bookmarks to Chemo Patient Care Kits.


    Students Earn Volunteer Service Hours for School:

    Small Acts Big Change can certify your student volunteer hours.  For every 6 handmade bookmarks, you earn 1 hour of volunteer service credit.   If you are an expert knitter or crocheter and it takes you less than an hour to crochet 5 bookmarks, please submit your actual volunteer hours.  The maximum volunteer time awarded per 5 bookmarks is 1 hour.  

    We must receive the bookmarks in order to award your service hours so that we can verify the work. We accept handmade, crocheted bookmarks from volunteers in all states and countries.  Please send your items, contact information, and service hours form for approval to Chemo Patient Care Kits, Small Acts Big Change, PO Box 1374, La Canada, CA 91012.  

    Any questions? Please feel free to email us at [email protected].

    There is no limit to the number of items you can make and the volunteer hours you can earn with SABC, although your school/organization may limit the number of hours you can achieve with one charity.  


    Group Opportunities

    Would you like to bring this project or another from Make a Difference From Home to a group you are involved with while still practicing social distancing? Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, schools, businesses or other groups, please contact Carolyn  at [email protected] for more information.

    The Effect of Kindness

    Crocheting bookmarks for Chemo Patient Care Kits is a simple yet impactful way to show support and encouragement to those undergoing chemotherapy. By dedicating a small amount of time and creativity, you can create thoughtful handmade gifts that bring comfort and inspiration to patients during their treatment journey. Join us in making a difference from home through the power of crafting and compassion.

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    Thank you:  

    Thank you for helping to spread happiness and kindness throughout the world. <3