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VOLUNTEER FROM HOME: Learn how to Crochet or Knit Donatable Items From Home

Written in partnership with Make a Difference From Home by Victoria Tsai, Founder and President, Crafts for Charity

We’re all familiar with the concept of working from home, but have you thought about the benefits of volunteering from home? There are plenty of reasons why volunteering can sometimes be difficult despite your best intentions. Life is busy. You’re working long hours. You don’t have easy access to volunteer activities in your community. We get it, which is why we created this blog, Make a Difference From Home. Volunteering from home is super fun and a great way to gather family and friends together to make the world a better place.

If you’re looking for new low-stress volunteering opportunities, consider taking a class with Crafts for Charity! We teach virtual one-on-one and small group knitting and crocheting classes that teach complete beginners the skills they need to create scarves and rectangle-we-sew into blankets.

Rectangle We-Sew Crocheted Blankets
Once you learn how to craft, you’ll be able to crochet and/or knit while watching your favorite movie, talking to friends, or just relaxing. Our projects are also easy to finish in one session or multiple, allowing you to take a break whenever you want! Read on to learn more about how you can get involved.

To learn more about our classes, visit our website at https://craftsforcharity.com/classes/. Once you determine which class you’d like to sign up for, register here: https://craftsforcharity.com/classes/register/!

Easy-to-Crochet Scarves











Donate Locally in Your Area:
There are quite a few options for getting your knitted and crocheted items into the hands of someone in need in your local community.
People living on the streets in your area would likely love a scarf or a blanket to help them stay warm this winter. Reach out to the volunteer director at a local homeless shelter for help getting your items into the hands of someone in need.
Senior daycare centers would also love to pass your handmade items to seniors in need. Contact an elder daycare center in your area for more information.
Representatives from your area Ronald McDonald House, local food banks, schools, hospitals, community centers, nursing homes, etc. can help place your items with someone who needs them.

Donate to Crafts for Charity:
These donations will go to charities we support that focus on helping senior citizens and homeless people. We are also happy to certify service hours for those who send in their crafts to us.

Donate to Small Acts Big Change:
Earn volunteer community service hours by donating your items to Small Acts Big Change, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We will happily pass your crafted items to people in need. To donate, please contact us for more information about receiving credit for service hours and how to send your crafted items to us.

We’d love to see a picture of your finished craft! Please feel free to share pictures at https://www.facebook.com/smallactsbigchangeus or in the comments section below.

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