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Volunteer From Home: 25 Days of Random & Intentional Acts of Kindness, How to Spread Kindness

A Small Acts Big Change Volunteer-From-Home Opportunity…

It’s unbelievable but true, almost the entire world is sheltering in place and practicing social distancing as we ride out the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It’s also true that this pandemic has not always brought out the best in some people.  That said, there are many, many more people rising up to love and support each other during our time of need.  One idea to help is to volunteer from home to spread random and intentional acts of kindness.

We’ve all read the news stories of communities helping neighbors, teens shopping for necessities for at-risk senior citizens, and people in waves fostering and adopting  homeless pets from their local shelters.  Goodness abounds everywhere you look.  It warms the heart.  

Difficult times often bring out the best in people. Although we are sheltering in place, there are plenty of things we can do from home to help others.  Kindness is powerful, kindness is healing.  Please join our COVID Kindness Project and make the world a better place. 



Day 1: The Rainbow Trail

There is a worldwide movement happening right now called The Rainbow Trail, an idea that originated in Australia.  Draw a rainbow and post it in a window of your home for children and their families to see as they go on walks during this time of social distancing. The idea is to create a worldwide trail of uplifting rainbows for both children and adults to enjoy.


Day 2:  Give your mail carrier a thank you treat

Mail carriers are risking exposure to the virus every day as they are out delivering your mail.  A small token of your appreciation for their sacrifice will go a long way.  Don’t forget to wear a mask if you pass your gift along in person.  Better yet, leave the treat for your mail carrier at the mailbox.  



Day 3: Send someone a virtual bouquet of flowers

Send a virtual bouquet of flowers to someone you care about.  It’s easy to do and will surely brighten someone’s day.  Feeling generous?  Email 5 bouquets!



Day 4: Send a thank you letter to our healers

Today in America and all over the world, hundreds of thousands of healthcare personnel will be on shift,
risking their lives to save our lives from COVID19. Please take today to share gratefulness by sending a card of thanks to healthcare personnel in your community.


Day 5:   Offer support to neighbors

If you have people living in your neighborhood who might need help during this time of sheltering in place,  leave a note of friendship at their door offering to help them get supplies.   In our community, neighbors are utilizing Help Maps on the app NextDoor so neighbors can give assistance to those who need it.    


Day 6: Hang handmade bird feeders outside the windows at nursing care centers

Unfortunately, the residents at nursing homes can’t receive visitors during this time of social distancing and many are reporting feeling extra lonely.  To help relieve feelings of loneliness, we hung handmade bagel bird feeders outside the windows at our local nursing center so the residents can watch the birds eating outside their windows.

How to:  

1) Split a plain bagel in half

2) Cover the inner sides of the bagel halves with a thin spread of creamy peanut butter

3) Cover the sides of the bagels that are covered with peanut butter into a bowl of wild bird seed

4) Add a ribbon to the bagel and hang it on a tree.




Day 7: Pick up litter on your daily walk

Take 10 minutes every day to make things a “Litter Bit Better” by picking up litter in your neighborhood.  We did this every day for one month and picked up over 1,000 pieces of trash.



Day 8:  Kindness Rocks

Create a kindness rock garden at a local park to offer hope and encouragement.   Visit our blog post on kindness rocks to learn more about this fun project.


Day 9:  Create a neighborhood book exchange

This idea is simple and a great way to help others during this period of sheltering in place.

How to:

1) Reach out to neighbors via phone or email to ask them to participate.

2) Choose a common location as a drop-off/pick-up point. Perhaps you have a Free Little Library box in your neighborhood? Maybe a box at someone’s front door?

3) Let the joy of reading begin!

Note: Please be sure to set the books aside in a garage or other isolated area for at least two days to give them time to decontaminate.   And as always, wash your hands well for at least 25 seconds after handling items from outside your home. Please stay safe!



Day 10: Tie a Ribbon

Tie a blue ribbon around a tree as a sign of support for healthcare workers.



Day 11: Thank Delivery People

Post a sign on your door thanking delivery people for their service during the pandemic.


Day 12: Participate in a teddy bear scavenger hunt

Take part in the teddy bear scavenger hunt.  Place a teddy bear in your window for others to discover as they take walks in your neighborhood.  How many teddy bears can your family find?



Day 13: Shop for people in need in your community

Grocery shopping during COVID times is not easy for people who are at extra risk such as senior citizens and people with underlying health issues. Always remember to check on your neighbors and any local senior citizens who could use your assistance.    Please offer to help people in need by grocery shopping for them.  


Day 14:  Make lunches for people living on the streets 

Make sack lunches for people living on the streets and pass them to a local nonprofit for distribution.  Not sure what to include in the lunches? Here are a few ideas:

  • PBJ sandwich
  • Drink
  • Piece of fruit
  • Granola bars
  • Cookie
  • Chips
  • Crackers
  • Nuts
  • Napkins
  • Antibacterial wipes


Day 15: Donate to your favorite charity making things better during the pandemic



Day 16: Call someone who lives alone  

Although many people are struggling with feeling alone during the COVID quarantine, people living alone can be especially hard hit with feelings of loneliness, isolation and sadness.  A quick phone call or even a text message to brighten someone’s day will go a long way. 


Day 17: Please dispose of your gloves and masks responsibly

Millions and millions of people all over the world are now wearing disposable face masks and gloves to help prevent the spread of the Corona virus.  Unfortunately, not everyone is disposing of their gloves and masks responsibly.  Littering is an obvious NO.  Remember, germs can spread when contaminated masks and gloves are handled.  Please throw all your used gloves and masks into a trash receptacle.  


Day 18:  Bake Cookies with your children

Baking is fun and a great way to keep busy! 


Day 19: Use video chat to say hello to friends and family

Video chatting is a great way to connect with people while still practicing social distancing. 


Day 20: Order lunch at a restaurant to be delivered to a local healthcare worker

Many restaurants across the country are by offering customers an opportunity to buy lunch for delivery to a local healthcare worker.  This is a terrific way to say thank you to those on the front line working at local hospitals in your community.


Day 21: Save a life by fostering a dog or cat

Foster homes saves lives.  Contact your local shelter or rescue to inquire about bringing a dog or cat into your home temporarily.   Being a foster parent means giving a pet a place safe to be loved until a permanent home can be found.  You will be saving a pet from the risk of euthanasia while opening up space at the shelter for another dog or cat to be saved from euthanasia.  Fostering saves lives.  It does.

Day 22: Leave canned goods in Free Little Libraries for families in need

People are stocking Free Little Libraries with with non-perishable food, essentially turning the Free Little Libraries into Free Little Pantries.  Canned goods, rice, pasta, granola bars, and more are being left for people in need.



Day 23: Hang hearts with messages of hope and inspiration outside for people to see 

This is a fun project for the entire family, kids and adults alike.  Get creative and support your neighbors. 


Day 24: Plant a tree of hope

Plant a tree to fight climate change and offer hope to future generations.


Day 25:  Donate food to your local pantry.

More than ever before, people are showing up to local food pantries, many for the first time.  The demand for food and supplies is high during the pandemic.  If you have extra food or supplies, please consider donating to your local food back to help people in need. 


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Thank you for spreading happiness and kindness throughout the world. 

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