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Volunteer From Home: Become a Scarf Bomber and a Scarf Bombardier

Have you heard about scarf bombing?  Scarf bombing is the act of placing scarves all over outside for people in need to take to help them stay warm.  Scarf bombings typically happens in a general area like a park or on a specific street with scarves tied to benches, trees, statues, just about anywhere and everywhere.  The scarves are left for anyone who needs one to help them keep warm. It’s a heartwarming trend and another volunteer opportunity that you can get involved in from home.



According to the Scarf Bombardier founder, Suzanne Volpe,  “It all started with something a friend posted on my Facebook page about 7 or 8 years ago. Someone was putting scarves out for people to take. I shared the post and another friend ran with it and did what she named a scarf bomb in New London, CT.  My thought then was.  ‘Somebody should do that here.’   Then I realized that I was somebody.

The first Harrisburg event was very small – only a few dozen scarves I had made. But it was only the beginning. The next year I had donations from friends, coworkers, and relatives.  And I had help putting them out. It was such a success, I decided to expand and do one in my old (and now new) hometown of Pittsburgh.

Every year the scarf bombs have grown. I started a Facebook page and as a result, made contact with a church group in Harrisburg that had taken on the project.  We’ve also had help from Small Acts Big Change, both in spreading the word and sending scarves. News coverage in Harrisburg was a great help too.

Last year we put out over 1,000 scarves in Pittsburgh and at least 500 in Harrisburg. This year will undoubtedly be even bigger.” 

For more information, as well as uplifting posts, follow Scarf Bombardiers on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/freescarves



Would you like to get involved?  There are several ways you can help:

  • Organize a scarf bombing event like this one by Scarf Bombardiers.


  • Make scarves and donate them.  


  • Buy scarves and donate them.


  • Donate supplies such as yarn, knitting needles, blank tags, and safety pins.


  • Decorate tags for scarves and donate them.



Want to crochet an easy scarf?  Please refer to our easy-to-make scarf pattern for knitting at:


Want to knit an easy scarf? Please refer to our easy-to-make crochet scarf pattern at: 


Scarf Bombardiers takes crocheted, knitted, and fleece scarves.  They also take gently used, clean scarves.   If you would like to donate to Scarf Bombardiers, please send scarves to:  

Scarf Bombardiers, Attention Suzanne Volpe, 322 Mall Blvd., Box 185, Monroeville, PA 15146


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Thank you for helping to spread happiness and kindness throughout the world. <3 

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