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VOLUNTEER FROM HOME: Stars of Hope to Support COVID19 Heroes

We have great news!  Small Acts Big Change is partnering with Stars of Hope to offer hope to people who are directly affected by COVID19.  With your help, we will be making banners to thank pandemic workers and offer survivors a positive influx of something unexpected and beautiful…HOPE.

In a world that sometimes feels hopeless, people look for hope and support.  And that’s where YOU come in.  Gather your friends and family members to decorate stars. We’ll turn them into large banners of hope and support that will be hung in communities all over the United States. This is a great DIY volunteer project for helpers of all ages!  



  • Star template, sized to 8.5″x11″ piece of paper
  • Coloring supplies such as markets, colored pencils or crayons



Step 1:  

Print the star template to full size on an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper.  

Step 2:  

Decorate your star with messages of hope, healing, and inspiration.  For patients and their family, decorate stars offering messages of compassion, support, and HOPE. For the essential workers such as nurses, doctors and medical staff, decorate stars offering messages of thanks and HOPE.   

Please feel free to  use crayons, markers, paints, colored pencils, stickers, and more, whatever you have on hand.  

Have fun and be creative! 

Step 3:

Scan your decorated star or take a picture of you holding your star and email it to smallactsbigchange@yahoo.com.  

Would you rather mail in your stars?  Please send them to Small Acts Big Change, Stars of Hope, PO Box 1374, La Canada, CA 91012.

We’ll turn your stars into banners of hope that will be hung in hospitals and nursing care centers all over the United States.



Would you like to bring this project to a group you are involved in while still practicing social distancing?  Please contact Carolyn  at smallactsbigchange@yahoo.com for more information.

YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE: “Make a difference by empowering your family and friends to use their creativity to give hope, show compassion, and promote healing,” states the Stars of Hope website.



Visit Stars of Hope Website: https://starsofhopeusa.org

Visit Small Acts Big Change’s Website:  https://www.smallactsbigchange.org


THANK YOU:  Thank you for helping spread happiness, support, compassion, and kindness throughout America. <3 

And remember, always be a star! 


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