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VOLUNTEER FROM HOME: How to Host a Kindness Party

Small Acts Big Change is proud to present Make a Difference From Home guest author, Victoria Hannley of Crafting Kind Kids.   Enjoy! 

Title: How to Host a Kindness Party

Author: Victoria Hannley of Crafting Kind Kids

Donuts, lemonade and friends are all on the guest list for a DIY Kindness Party. Who doesn’t love any excuse for a get-together, especially when it’s a party for a good cause! So gather your favorite peeps, some yummy snacks and the supplies needed to complete your own backyard Kindness Project. Because giving back and bettering our communities is always a good reason for a party!

With so many great causes and needs, there is never a shortage of fun, easy and creative ways to give back. Are you passionate about animals? Make no sew fleece blankets for shelter cats and dogs. Love to draw? Create bright and colorful placemats for Meals on Wheels recipients. Do you love to write and share inspirational quotes? Write positive notes for nursing home residents. Whenever you combine hope, happiness and friendship you are always sure to make a difference!

How To  Host a Backyard Kindness Party

First, select a Kindness Project. Unless you have a specific cause in mind, it is a good idea to contact a local nonprofit organization to determine what their needs may be. Sophie, a sixth grade student in Arizona, worked with a local youth homelessness advocacy group and discovered that their greatest need was handwritten positive notes for the students in their programs.

Once you have selected a Kindness Project, make a list of what you will need to successfully complete the project. Will you need paper, markers and stickers? Can the project be easily done outside on a sunny day? If it’s a cleanup project, should your guests wear closed-toe shoes and bring sunscreen?

If you are working with a partner organization, they may have a list of do’s and don’ts as it pertains to their needs. It may be a good idea to display how the project can be conducted using large signs or posters. Be sure to gather all this information and share it with your guests so that everyone can share in the successful completion of the Kindness Project.


How to Prepare for a Successful Kindness Party

On the day of the Kindness Party, create a welcoming and festive environment for your guests! Whether it’s creating a handwritten Party This Way sign or tying balloons to your mailbox, let guests know that they are in for a good time …while they also do good.

Spend some time before your guests arrive setting up and preparing. If the Kindness Project involves writing and drawing, set out tables with the required crafting supplies. If the project will occur in a public setting, such as a community park, think of ways your guests can easily find you and the project, like tying ribbons around trees, putting up balloons or using signs and directional arrows.

Calm those pre-party jitters by giving yourself enough time to arrive, set up and layout all the materials you will need. Not only will you feel confident and in control but your guests will take the Kindness Project seriously and give it their all too!

You can’t say P-A-R-T-Y without snacks, of course! Be sure to add drinks, yummy goodies and grab-n-go snacks to the Kindness Party shopping list. Reward your party guests for their kind work and creative efforts by setting out refreshments. Be sure to let guests know that drinks, snacks and, if applicable, supplies will be provided.

Depending on the nature of the Kindness Project, consider asking your guests to bring canned food donations, gently used books or clothing. You may be even able to serve two (or more) nonprofit organizations with your friends’ kind deeds and donations!

How to Thank Your Guests for their Kindness Project

One the best parts of any party is the take home goodie bag. It really doesn’t matter how old we are, everyone loves a little trinket to part with. Grab a few popsicles tubes to be frozen on a hot day or handful of colored pencils to entice your friends with more crafty kindness are just a couple of super kind thank you ideas. Sophie thanked her helpers by letting them know that the world needs “S’mores volunteers like them” by easily putting together the makings of everything they need to make delicious s’mores at home. {Grab the FREE printable here!}


It doesn’t matter your age, your budget or where you live, there is always good to do! Gather a group of friends, neighbors or teammates for a community service crafting party and your Kindness Project will definitely make a difference in others lives.

For even more DIY kindness craft ideas, check out Crafting Kind Kids: 40+ kindness tutorials for kids and families to do together.


About the Author

Victoria M Hannley is a mom to three young children. Originally from Canada, she now lives in Arizona by way of the lonestar state of Texas. As a mom, she wants to raise kids who will see a need, work to solve it and put more good into the world. The author of two craft books, Crafting Kind Kids and Crafting Kind Kids: Holidays, her kindness projects can be done around the kitchen table with whatever crafting supplies are already on hand. Her books are available today on Amazon in print an


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